Saliva Drug Test By Employers

Drug and alcohol abuse is prevalent. In many industries, it could be disastrous to operate machinery or do work when some are not in their sane minds. Working while being intoxicated is neither advised nor is lawful and many employers have realized that and they insist employees undergo drug tests.

The many occasions when one has to undergo a test are

  • Pre-employment: This is before a job offer is made.
  • Randomly: Employers can test anyone at any time just to ensure that everyone is aware of the rules and do not disobey it.
  • On Suspicion: When an employer suspects that the employee is intoxicated.
  • Returning to Work: When someone has been away for a few months and then joining back.
  • After an Incident: When some untoward incident happens, it is important to ensure that none of the involved employees are intoxicated.

There are mainly two types of tests that could be done, one is Saliva and other is a urine test. While urine test may take time and is more accurate, the saliva test is more preferred for the above situations as it does not take time and can give immediate results.

There are also kits available which can be purchased and kept by employers to check within their premises itself. For those who do not have the kit, there are many places where one can get the test done.

Upon checking on the internet one can find many centers doing a saliva test and they are authorized to report back to employers. Many such centers have Got a great saliva drug test here. In case your employer does not have an onsite kit but need someone to reliably certify you, you can find such places which can give an immediate and accurate report.

Safety is important and having a saliva drug test kit or having an understanding with a standard saliva test center is beneficial for an employer.