Planning A Welcoming Hotel

The hospitality industry is becoming more and more popular and demanding. To meet these requirements is a challenging task. This industry relies on lighting as an essential and prime design requirement to create a welcoming environment. First impression lasts long and is important. In hospitality lighting plays a major role.

The lighting should be adequate enough to welcome a guest. Most of the times, the guest will leave the place either because it is poorly or brightly lit. The venue and location of the electricity sockets is to be planned at a very early stage. Different lights perform different tasks. To have an ambient setting in a hotel, pendant lights hanging over the table are ideal.

The principle of different layers of lighting adds to the ambience and beauty. The first step is ambient lighting. It refers to the general lighting. Next is diffuse surface directed lighting. This is created to make ceiling appear higher or the walls wider. Next in line is task lighting. These are the light fittings in specialized areas where there is work to be carried out, in the cash register or kitchen. The next layer is accent lighting. This is a type of spot lighting to draw the attention to a particular architecture.

Lighting should help the guests and orienting themselves to the hotel as they enter. Coloured lights can be used as they add to the beauty. It should not be overdone. The lighting should be able to create different moods. It should provide a cozy and comfortable place to dine and enjoy the company of the guests.

A good designed hotel with the retro feel lights with unique designs are the likely things to attract guests and add a unique feather to your hotel in the hospitality industry.