Make Hair Loss A Powerful Business Advantage

You will be surprised to know that the biggest names in the business industry are either balding or completely bald already. While most people would consider this as a male privilege, a research conducted by the University of Pennsylvania suggests that being bald has its own set of advanatages.

What do the researchers suggest?

The researchers conducted three experiments. The first one was conducted on business men who had shaved heads. They were considered as the most dominant people. The second was conducted on men who had their hair removed digitally and they came across as more confident and more dominant personalities. The third was conducted on men who were experiencing natural hair loss and it seemed that they could improve their business potential significantly by shaving their head completely.

What is the link between baldness and business advantage?

The link goes back to cultural associations in which it was generally considered that tall and bald men have deeper voices and are thus more dominant at the work place. Dominance is a positive sign in business productivity because the more dominant you are, the more efficiently you are able to influence your employees and co-workers.

This is precisely why people who are naturally inclined towards hair loss need not worry about it because they can turn this loss into potential profits. If baldness leads to enhanced productivity at work, it is reason enough to make you stop worrying about the consequences of it. Financial gains are almost always more significant than anything else.

Is there an alternative?

It is recommended that if you are losing hair rapidly, you could rather shave it all off and look like the potential business leader of tomorrow. However, if you are not quite confident of being able to pull it off, you could visit Glasgow Hair Restoration clinic rejuvenate your roots and have new and thick hair growing back in its place.