Car Spare Parts Resources For Small Businesses

If you are out to establish a car spare parts business, one of the most important things that you will need is the right set of equipment. The spare part resources form the heart of an auto shop. It is also essential that the resources are utilized properly and the different types of equipment are handled with equal ease by all the people involved in the business. Your business should also be able to offer professional training to all your employees to handle the equipment safely. There should be well-descriptive manuals and directives that will help your employees to handle light as well as heavy equipment. There are a lot of other things that a successful car spare parts business must be equipped with. Here are some examples.

Space and Amenities

Your workshop area must be designed in a way so that it has space for 2 hoists. You can later expand the area to accommodate 4-6 hoists but that can be postponed till you have a larger number of high-quality mechanics at your end. The building should be deep so that the cars can be backed off from the hoist while they are in the building itself.


A natural source of light is an added advantage for mechanics. This will help them to check underlying faults that are difficult to identify otherwise. This is a major factor that is left unaddressed in most car spare parts stores. Walls should be painted white so that it enhances the natural lights.


The first thing to remember is investing in a good hoist with a clear span. This will help you in most of the work that you do. Basic equipment like bearing pullers, circlip pliers, open end spanners etc are essential items.

A good spare parts business will stock supplies as per the demand of the market. I was looking for a few Skoda parts for a very long time. I found these Skoda parts after searching for an auto shop that happened to be in the neighboring area and I was very impressed with their stock of tools and equipment.…