My Most Prized Possession



Let me tell you that I am not into luxury shopping and not brand conscious in the real sense of the word. Although I do own luxury labels, let me make it clear that it is not at all because of the brand or the name that it carries that I picked them up,but because I absolutely found the stuff to fit my requirement to the ‘T’.

The functionality is extremely important:

A lot of people like to carry brands that add value to themselves in terms of being able to afford it in the first place and also to prove to the world that they have a refined taste. This particularly happens in the social circles and among the page 3 crowd. I am not saying that it is banal because probably it is needed and a bit of show off is perhaps warranted when you are a celebrity and you want to stay in people’s memory for a long time to come. These luxury accessories help make news and for the right things!

Did I tell you about my Chanel?

So, I was shopping the other day at the mall and I was looking for a clutch to go with my evening gown when I saw the Chanel bags with gold buckles. They were a beauty. Believe me, I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. They almost called to me and I knew at that very instant that I had to pick up one for myself!

Let me confess that I was slightly nervous when I was trying to see the price tag but goodness sake the price was well within my budget and I didn’t have to stretch anything at all. Those bags were just so elegant; nothing more and nothing less. Just plain black with a gold buckle and extremely graceful! I know in the whole wide world that as long as I live it is going to be a prized possession and I’d probably leave it as an heirloom!…